Finding Camelot 

Finding Camelot 


Camelot is a Place or Period of Idyllic Happiness 

Our Mission 

  • Quality of Life Improvements for the Working Class: Providing high-quality, affordable public housing to empower working-class families by stabilizing the housing market and strengthening the economy.
  • Trauma-Informed Community Support: Developing supportive environments where adults can heal from trauma through comprehensive support and a nurturing community atmosphere.
  • Investing in Future Generations: Creating stable, engaged communities that foster personal growth and ensure a healthier, more prosperous future for the next generation.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating affordable luxury through communal living in publicly owned housing. Our mission is to foster economic stability for working-class individuals and families by creating supportive and sustainable living environments. By integrating shared responsibilities, high-quality amenities, and a strong sense of community, we aim to reduce the stresses of modern life and offer a better quality of life to the working classes. At Finding Camelot, we believe that everyone deserves a secure and vibrant life, and we are committed to building a brighter future together.

Phase One 

  • Flagship Property Renovation: We are securing funding to renovate Property 001, our first household, which will showcase our communal living model and its benefits.
  • Demand-Driven GrowthMembers will use social media to highlight the advantages and quality of life improvements, driving organic network growth based on demand.
  • Localized Budget Management: Membership dues cover daily household operations.

Unveiling Our Future Plans 

  • Logos Nostos Centers: Introducing centers designed for cohesive cohabitation, serving as large household homes and community centers for 10-20 household complexes.
  • Urban Agricultural Communities: Unveiling communities that provide inner-city residents with access to fresh, affordable produce.
  • Caregiving Compounds: Developing financially sustainable compounds with a higher ratio of dependents or basic members to deluxe members.

Expanding Horizons Together 

  • Expanded Memberships: Offering new Health and Wellness, Family Planning, Entrepreneurial, and Traveling memberships to meet diverse needs.
  • New Programs: Introducing the Adult Dependent Program, Communal Fostering Program, and Tiny House Program for specialized support and sustainable housing.
  • Inclusive Community Outreach: Enhancing support and opportunities to create a more dynamic, interconnected community.